Champagne Minière

Guide Hachette 2016

For our first presentation, we are proud to receive a first star in the famous Guide Hachette for our Cuvée Influence 2007

Blanc Absolu cuvee included in the guide Veron

The creators of this Blanc Absolu, Frédéric and Rodolphe Minière, composed the perfect blend using 85% wines from the 2009 harvest and 15% wines from the 2008 harvest, enabling them to offer us an outstanding representation of the Hermonville soil from which the grapes are exclusively cultivated.
This wine is ideal served with poached and grilled pigeon and its ponzu sauce.


When first presenting our two currently available cuvees, our Blanc de Blancs Absolu was awarded a gold medal at the 2015 Independent Winemakers Contest. We feel honoured to have received this award and encouraged in our efforts to vinify our wines slowly. Excellence is our goal…

The blend

After 7 months of aging in barrels, our cuvees are finally blended. 2014 is a promising year. Our cuvees INFLUENCE, INFLUENCE Rosé, Blanc ABSOLU, SYMBIOSE 2014, Blanc de Noirs from the "Les Voirmissa 2014" plot and Blanc de Blancs from the "Les Moineaux" plot are currently stored in the vats for fining. The next step is bottling the wines in early June.